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Dolores Deal

Cellini Modern Art

Philadelphia, PA


My name is Dolores Deal, but my friends and family have always called me Lori. I have chosen to use my maiden name Cellini as my brush name.

Abstract Art Modern Original Paintings By Cellini

I was Born and Raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Nestled among very large oak, elm, birch and walnut trees in the hills of Berks county Pennsylvania, I have my personal studio.

Essentially I am self taught by studying the works of many artists and reading exstensively about techniques and materials. My early artistic efforts were charcoal sketches followed by watercolors. While I still do utilize these mediums, currently the majority of my paintings use high quality acrylics enhanced selectively with oils and at times texture mediums.

My Art and Paintings are driven by my passion for the ocean, mountains, trees and landscape formations.

I love impressionism, Monet being my favorite impressionistic painter, abstract work, Pollock being my favorite in that category. My eclectic nature also brings me to tranquil scenes of Thomas Kinkade.

My Studio is associated with Chateau Gallerie where I have my art displayed. I have found this location to be very comfortable and inspiring. As I walk among the trees in the changing seasons and the lighting, each day, I find the shapes and forms that evolve into the composition of my paintings. Travels around the United States have given me additional inspiration for my paintings.

My paintings give me much pleasure and satisfaction in the creation and I hope they provide similar pleasure for the kind collectors who acquire my works.


Recent Exhibitions, Shows and Memberships

The Cafe Market - Topton, Pennsylvania

Chateau Gallery - Berks County, Pennsylvania 2006 - Present

Juried Exhibit - Palmerton, September 2007, Palmerton, Pennsylvania

Featured Artist - The Rain Gallery, November - January 2006-2007, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

A member of the Photographic Society of America

A member of the Carbon County Art Society



Tranquility by Dolores Deal


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Earthen by Dolores Deal


reflections of yesterday series by Dolores Deal


Organic seascape by Dolores Deal


Reflection of Yesterday Series by Dolores Deal


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Catching the Rays by Dolores Deal


Searching for the Light by Dolores Deal


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Reflections of Yesterday Series by Dolores Deal


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